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We are aiming to have the participation of 500-600 attendees between English, Italian, Spanish and German lines with live translation during the event, which will be held via Zoom for RSVP’d participants. Our participants will be composed of leaders, entrepreneurs, spiritual seekers, social servers, philanthropists, authors, change-makers and representatives from varied inter/national agencies. Our intimate but sincere audience base has a demonstrated history of engagement, buy-ins and meaningful follow-through collaborations with us, our sponsors and the ICHC network.

All panels will be 30 minutes of pre-recorded dialogue between 3 speakers with 1 moderator. This will be pre-taped as per your available schedule in the week of November 1-6, 2020. This will be followed by 15 minutes of Live Q&A interaction with the audience on the actual day of the ICHC. If you prefer any of the above-mentioned themes, kindly let me know so that I will send timings and other details accordingly.

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