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Rejuvenation, Awakening & Enlightenment in a Unique Retreat-Convention!

Life-changing Seminars.  Advanced Life Tools.  Breakthrough Strategies.  Wisdom.

Sept 28 - Oct 1, 2018

MDP Village, Cervantes,

Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Main proceeds of

the ICHC will support

non-profit projects

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International Speakers
Years of
Combined Experience
Panel Discussions
Represented by Delegates
Days of 
Hot Springs, Healings, Meditations, Martial Arts, Yoga, Music...

The 2nd ICHC Offers You

8 Take-Aways Applying

the Best of Eastern Wisdom

and Western Practicality:

     1. Enlightenment and expansion of                      consciousness

     2. Rejuvenation and inner renewal

     3. Inner Awakening throughout the             


     4. Healing of your past, transformation of            your present and empowerment of

         your future

     5. Learning new philosophies to live your

         greatest life


     6. Equipping yourself with advanced life

         tools and strategies

     7. International networking and multi-

         cultural learning


     8. Entertainment and outdoor events

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All Videos

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The high impact strategy of ICHC will bring under one roof more than 150 selected delegates from over 30 countries composed of VIPs, philanthropists, authors, innovators, pioneers, industry experts, corporate social investors, heads of charitable projects, health care specialists and prominent figures from international agencies. 


The objective of this international convention is to cultivate the ability to achieve a more balanced and enlightened life, and equip delegates with advanced tools to develop the conscience in entrepreneurship and wisdom in leadership. ICHC will also be the meeting ground for great visionary leaders, problem solvers, pioneering thinkers, philanthropists, social impact investors and humanitarians under the overarching theme of ‘expanding our higher consciousness - from individual to global’. It is also an opportunity for the more advanced souls and leaders to mentor or guide the international delegates with new paradigms and breakthrough strategies. The main proceeds from the convention event will go towards supporting 6 charitable non-profit programs.


The 2nd ICHC is a platform for anyone to launch pioneering projects, breakthrough concepts,

paradigm shifting philosophies and practical enlightenment, and attract the right collaborators,

investors or benefactors. 4 Special Tracks are chosen for the 2018 Convention:


Day 1 offers our audience a journey from an ordinary mind-set to a higher level of awareness, what it entails, and its different phases to attain self-mastery. The speakers and panel of international experts will also share how their industries shape global consciousness. Master Del Pe, the keynote speaker and founder of ICHC will elucidate the metaphysics of individual to global consciousness and how to play or participate safely and effectively. 


Day 2 will be a very exciting and rejuvenating experience for those who will go to the natural hot springs thermal bath. This is a one-of-its-kind experience because you can enjoy your breakfast inside the hot pool while you listen to practical tips to navigate your path to a more enlightened life in a sure, easy way with less sufferings. Master Del Pe will launch his new book Beyond the Dark Night of the Soul and explain this darkness that besieges even the Saints and Sages, including the advanced human beings. Panelists will share their varied points of view on how to raise the bar of enlightenment in family life. One of the biggest highlights of Day 2 is the psychic readings and forecast on how the Earth will change, causing the emergence of the New Humanity, presented by international psychics and seers. Don't miss the second day!


Day 3 starts with awakening your will-power and harnessing your inner strength through Master Del Pe's Aquarian Martial Arts-Yoga Science (AMAYS) in an optional morning session. This bio-mechanical philosophy will prepare you to expand your consciousness faster and to a higher degree. The topic close to the heart of most participants will be how to live longer and extend your youthful, productive life. The lecture on the Higher Science of Longevity will reveal the 7 secrets of supercentenarians and the 9 pillars of universal wisdom to increase your lifespan. A big topic will be presented by panelists on the new health paradigm in fighting against social ills and unresolved health challenges. Day 3's program will culminate with a topic on "Achievable Enlightenment in this Life". 


Day 4 features again another hot springs extravaganza to rejuvenate your body, with breakfast served while inside the hot pools and enjoying the company of international delegates. By this time you might just find your soulmate, new business partner or investor! Day 4 only contains morning sessions, presenting a special topic: The New Global Education for the New Generation. A closing meditation and healing will empower participants to unblock life's obstacles in order to live a more balanced, fulfilled and enlightened life. ICHC 2018 will conclude by pointing the way from self-realization to self-actualization. 

“Invest not only in your material success but also in your Soul awakening. Come to ICHC to expand your consciousness, get healed, and experience balance.”

- Master Del Pe, ICHC Founder


Founder @ BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness


Co-founder @ JavaOne, Board Member @ Human Needs Project


Founder @ Warrior Films


Medical Director @ Villa Health Center, The Villages, Florida


Founder, Africa 2.0 and Forbes 10 Most Powerful Men in Africa


International Branding Expert @ Peru, Professor @ Peruvian University of Sciences


Founder @ True North Leadership


Medical Intuitive, BEwell Science Expert @ MDP BElife


BEwell Science Energy Medicine Specialist

@ MDP BElife


Founder, Impact Investor @ IISLA


Founder & Managing Director @ Aquarian Trinity Solutions


20th President of the University of the Philippines


1st Director General of the Philippine Institution of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITACH)


Strategic Business Consultant, Social Entrepreneur @ Aquarius Naturals


Co-founder of MDP Village and World-Class Seer


Philanthropist, Administrator @ BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness


Co-Founder @ MDP Village, President @ Ilog Maria Honey-Bee Farms

  • Why the need for Higher Consciousness?
    Currently, despite great material success and intellectual achievements, the majority of humanity is still wallowing in the mud of lower emotions, imprisoned by animalistic impulse, and is drained by high exposure to stress, frustrations, anger, anxiety and worries. Even high achievers and the intelligentsia are frequently paralyzed by fear, indulging in addictions and destroyed by vices. There is still much self-destructive behavior and sinfulness in modern humanity. This world of lower consciousness is also contaminating the youth and children. Such a scenario triggers the massive suffering of the whole lot of human beings. There is no valid solution or emerging resolution on the horizon using either education religion or science as a corrective strategy. It is about time that the more enlightened humans in the evolutionary ranks of incarnated saints, masters and advanced spiritual world servers will bring new initiatives to change and win the game. This enlightened group will lead the way exemplifying higher consciousness qualified by more refined behiavor and higher life principles plus philosophies, which emanate from their abstract minds. Thier decision-making is not firmed up in the world of emotions or the realm of logic. They use intuition, wisdom and psychic faculties to arrive at win-win outcomes. They "live, move and have their being" in higher consciosuness, applying the best of the 5 levels of intelligence. This template of the enlightened group will be the next mould of consciousness required of the new humanity, which is currently about to emerge with stimulation, education and awkaneing through an organized spiritual curriculum. ICHC aims to jumpstart this initiative in the 2018 convention and follow-through programs targetted to implement the enlightenment of the ready Souls.
  • Master Del Pe, why did you choose the MDP Village to host ICHC 2018?"
    First, it is the location where I already train more advanced spiritual servers. I have prepared the facility for 3 years from a wilderness state, so it is a fresh natural ecosystem with the right feng shui and very high energy. I have meditated in this place with my advanced disciples for about 3 years so the place is highly potentized with spiritual energy and houses a vast resevoir of healing power. As soon as the delegates will arrive at the MDP Village, most will sense the higher level of consciousness, serenity and sense of well-being available in the environment. Secondly, the location of the MDP Village has been selected as the highest pure energy from all my prospect sites, from my travels to India, Nepal, Texas, Ecuador, Slovenia, Scandinavia, South and Central America among more than 100 countries. I've been looking around for the perfect location for my spiritual place, but this MDP Village place is the best of the best. It has a river around it and is surrounded by mountains with a 360-degree spectacular view which is unimpeded for more than 20-35 kilometers in all directions. A fresh breeze caresses the land and the area is very alive with wild flowers, natural herbs and butterflies. You can enjoy the full-moon at its best and during dark nights, you can see many shooting stars. When it rains even a little bit, a double rainbow appears on the east, just half a kilometer infront of us. During the rainy season, the vistas across the mountain roads are awesome with over 30 waterfalls on both sides on the road. In most cases the mountains are clear, but sometimes you have to drive through misty fog and clouds as teh winding road takes you to about 6000 feet above sea level. It looks like the Tibetan Himalayas I have been to, or even the Andean mountain ranges. You have to come to ICHC to see it for yourself. Most visitors who come end up saying that this is the hidden Shangri-La.
  • Why should successful people, rich people and philanthropists come to ICHC?"
    Most people need success as a first base but in order to achieve the home run, people need to be targeting a conscious path to an enlightened life. ICHC opens the doorway for people to even think and aspire for higher consciousness leading to enlightenment. At the enlightened stage, people do not suffer anymore. Wisdom and the development of intuition and spiritual intelligence allow the wise to access abstract ideas and noble principles that are not available for even the smartest and wealthiest business-persons. This stage of spiritual development can’t be purchased by money. Sages have developed this high level of freedom and beingness that nothing can easily disturb their minds or emotions. Even the rich and famous still wallow in the mud of a mundane life plagued with lower emotions like fear, anger, frustrations, anxiety and addictions. Even though their minds are regarded as intelligent, they are still stuck in the world of common sense and logical reason. This is still considered lower consciousness by the spiritual masters of wisdom. ICHC topics discuss about the need to balance the 5 key areas of life, namely: family, career, health, social life and contribution as well as spiritual life. Most people can succeed by working hard and living smart. But balance is another level. They need to take care of all the 5 key areas of life and integrate them into a life path. Even the rich and high achievers need to do this homework. After achieving balance, one has to work on self-fulfillment. And after self-fulfillment, one has to labor and graduate into an enlightened life, a life full of meaning and service which is guided by wisdom and the 5 levels of intelligence developed by the sages. ICHC provides this platform to help delegates dive into greater opportunities. Give us 4 days of ICHC and pursue the post-event, Mastering Your Third Eye program, and you will understand what I mean.
  • Why should spiritual seekers, mystics and meditators come to ICHC? "
    Coming Soon...


I have attended several conferences ranging from yoga and meditation to healing and wellness, but it is only ICHC 2012 (USA)  that has given me the most comprehensive view of who I am and my greatest potential. As a professional, my focus was always on my mental intelligence. Now I found out from Master Del Pe that there are 5 levels of intelligences and there are techniques to awaken them to make better decisions. My life changed a lot after ICHC for good. 

— Neeta Lani (India)