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Master Del Pe, founder of ICHC, envisioned this retreat type convention to be a platform for enlightened leaders, thinkers, visionaries, pioneers and world servers to launch their ideas, programs and projects in a nurturing, natural environment. ICHC invokes the participation of the more advanced human beings and the most ready mainstream humanity to join and be awakened to their highest human potential, resulting to breakthroughs in their life and maximizing their contribution to the world.


The high impact strategy of ICHC will bring under one roof 150 selected delegates from over 30 countries composed of VIPs, philanthropists, authors, innovators, pioneers, industry experts, corporate social investors, heads of charitable projects, health care specialists and prominent figures from international agencies.

The objective of this international convention is to cultivate the ability to achieve a more balanced and enlightened life, and equip delegates with advanced tools to develop the conscience in entrepreneurship and wisdom in leadership. ICHC will also be the meeting ground for great visionary leaders, problem solvers, pioneering thinkers, philanthropists, social impact investors and humanitarians under the overarching theme of expanding our higher consciousness - from individual to global’. It is also an opportunity for the more advanced souls and leaders to mentor or guide the international delegates with new paradigms and breakthrough strategies. The main proceeds from the convention event will go towards supporting 6 charitable non-profit programs.


This international brand previously from Houston, Texas, United States is coming to Asia and the Organizing Committee has chosen, from among many locations internationally, a pristine location called MDP Village in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur in the Philippines. This natural, pollution-free and serene environment has access to thermal hot-springs, organic fruits and vegetables, and a 360-degree view of the Cordillera Mountains. We consider it to be a hidden-paradise destination for spiritual and healing tourism in Asia. Advanced hearts, minds and souls from around the world will converge at the MDP Village to awaken the power of their Soul and sharpen their higher intelligence to become agents of transformation to their industries, societies and the world at large.


The program will be conducted over 4 days, with 3 nights retreat stay at the MDP Village, and each day will cover a theme:

  • Day 1 – Higher Consciousness and Inner Awakening

  • Day 2 – A Conscious Path to An Enlightened Life

  • Day 3 – Longevity and Well-Being Consciousness

  • Day 4 – Actualizing the Inner Awakening


The keynotes and guest speakers invited for ICHC are not only highly successful individuals, but also embodiments of higher principles and values, demonstrated through their leadership, meaningful service and contribution to society. Our Speakers will share their integrated experience on how different segments of their industries, systems of society and constructs of civilization shape the individual and collective consciousness in our modern times. From the traditional to the metaphysical explorations, the ICHC panel discussions and speakers will open forums which deconstruct and dissect our understanding of human consciousness and how it can be elevated using the 5 levels of intelligence.


Apart from the keynote and special guest lectures, we will also have the following panels discussions:

- Socio-Political, Corporate and Economic Consciousness

- Social Ills and Unresolved Health Challenges 

- The New Education for the New Generation

- Raising the Bar of Enlightenment in Family Life


The All-Access Pass includes: 

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off

  • Accommodation

  • 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks per day

  • Access to All Keynote and VIP lectures

  • Access to All Panel Discussions

  • 2 Hot-springs therapeutic baths 

  • Group Healings

  • Meditation and Martial Arts sessions 

  • Entertainment activities and Live Music

  • Networking

  • ICHC Souvenir 


Early-bird registration for delegates is open until July 31, 2018. We hope to have your support and participation in this event, and allow us to provide you with the best rejuvenating, inner awakening and enlightening experience! May we bring great new avenues to the world, hand-in-hand, by collaborating under the banner of locally and internationally beneficial projects and works of good-will. 

The 2nd ICHC Offers You

8 Take-Aways Applying

the Best of Eastern Wisdom

and Western Practicality:

     1. Enlightenment and expansion of                            consciousness

     2. Rejuvenation and inner renewal

     3. Inner Awakening throughout the            


     4. Healing of your past, transformation of                  your present and empowerment of your                future

     5. Learning new philosophies to live your                  greatest life


     6. Equipping yourself with advanced life

         tools and strategies


     7. International networking and multi-                        cultural learning


     8. Entertainment and outdoor events

  1. To unfold your 5 Levels of Ascending Intelligences to maximize your highest potential.

  2. To discover your level of enlightenment and how to grow/evolve fast from thereon.

  3. To understand how your soul can tame the ego to experience an evolutionary breakthrough.

  4. To bring your ideas and projects and meet potential investors or benefactors.

  5. To network with enlightened spiritual teachers, intuitive and psychic readers, miraculous healers, authors and international speakers for knowledge and wisdom mining.

  6. To get healed and improve your Total Health Quotient.

  7. To come share your knowledge and wisdom about your expertise and find beneficiaries.

  8. To study the science and art of awakening your higher consciousness to master your life without suffering and struggle.

  9. To formulate and anchor your life path in order to achieve enlightenment in this life with a curriculum from the Masters of Wisdom.

  10. To get the best healing experience to create breakthroughs in your life.

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