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The International Convention on Higher Consciousness (ICHC) is not a typical convention, conference or get together of great minds and professionals. Designed to maximize the experience of rejuvenation, inner awakening and enlightenment of participants, ICHC is purposely done in a rural get-away setting in a pristine, high-energy environment away from stress and noise and time interrupters. That is why it is called a convention-retreat.

“People need to have a fresh, natural and non-commercial environment to learn, meditate, experience and assimilate the more advanced knowledge such as ‘Higher Consciousness and Inner Awakening’. Once you have attended the ICHC and gone through the life-coaching breakthroughs in a very nurturing natural ambience, you will not be motivated to go to commercial conventions and conferences in a chaotic city again.”

- Master Del Pe

ICHC, not really commercial!

ICHC aims to admit only 150 participants to maximize the performance and deeper experience of attendees. It promises:

  • Service excellence with more personal attention to delegates’ and speakers’ needs

  • Low attendee-to-speaker/expert ratio

  • Elimination of time robbers, time interrupters, pollutions and diversions from exhibitors and non-serious drop-ins.

  • Higher quality of attendees through pre-selection process

  • More advanced speakers with knowledge on spiritual sciences

ICHC, a new paradigm shift,
with an optimistic philosophy!

Master Del Pe, a modern sage and esoteric scientist and the main proponent of ICHC, believes that many seekers of truth are ready for higher consciousness awakening and is optimistic that with his curriculum of self-mastery, they can achieve enlightenment in their lifetime. He rectified: “The past path of spirituality requires a reclusive and a suffering style enlightenment to get initiated. This new path to enlightenment requires a more organized, systematic curriculum that allows the seeker to eliminate negative karma purging through intelligent and bigger contribution to society and the world, thus a fast track of self-mastery is made available now to humanity. This is the easy and sure-fire strategy to become enlightened.

ICHC was created for a long-shot purpose.

To usher the emergence of the new advanced humanity and the molding of the new world. The new philosophy creates breakthrough answers to our human and cosmic existence: Who we are and who are we becoming. Master Del Pe and ICHC proponents moved away from the old obsolete inquiry: Where did we come from and where are we going?

We are always many steps behind if our current scientists, researchers and thinkers are busy measuring consciousness via the brain scores using expensive electronic machines, logical deductions and objective thinking. The dependency of measuring and scanning the brain to map out consciousness is futile because the brain is not the mind. They are related but not equal. Higher consciousness, spiritual intelligence and inner awakening can’t be fathomed by logic or electric tools and softwares. It can be experienced, intuited, psychically scanned or through wisdom and the abstract mind understood. This is the way of the masters of wisdom.


The ICHC proponents aim to spread, through the speakers, panel discussions and ongoing post-ICHC events the nature and advancement of the 5 Levels of Intelligence as a path of to awaken higher consciousness. It also promotes the idea that there are 9 spiritual initiations along the path of self-mastery a human being has to go through before total enlightenment can be achieved. The ICHC participants will have a quantum leap of consciousness once they understood the 49 Shades of Darkness one can overcome to bring illumination of consciousness beyond the mind of the genius and the holiness of a saint. Master Del Pe through ICHC promotes his philosophy of balanced development elucidated in his quote:


"Fly high with two big and balanced wings - spiritual and material."

He also mentions that there are 8 types of human designs and temperaments which serve as the various paths to self-mastery, therefore now must:

"Flower where you are planted and spread your good seeds all around."

Master Del Pe and ICHC champion the enlightenment for all seekers. The journey from ordinary mind-set and mundane emotional life to the Soul’s higher consciousness is the path to enlightenment, and the process by which it is attained is called self-mastery.

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