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World-class speakers and panelists share paradigm shifting philosophies, pioneering concepts, myth busting facts, and practical strategies to fly high with 2 wings - 'spiritual and material'. 




Master Del Pe, internationally known by advanced spiritual students as the 'Guru of Higher Consciousness' and a Modern Sage, is the spiritual architect of the ICHC. To his countless clients around the world, including 5 billionaires in Asia, he has a reputation of being a miraculous healer. Author of 9 books, he created over 100 seminars and programs which are taught in his USA-based institutes: BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC) and American Institute for Leadership Advancement (AILA). He established and funded 15 non-profit organizations internationally, including his MDP Foundation. 

In his travels to over 100 countries, he has taught 350,000 students globally. Master Del Pe's unparalleled qualification is that he was personally mentored by 4 advanced masters, one of whom is an immortal yogi in the Himalayas. The breadth and depth of his teachings come from his unique integrated experience as a social entrepreneur, engineer, martial arts master, healing science expert and world expert in the 8 types of yoga and 12 styles of meditation. His most advanced teachings are rooted in spiritual technology, divine alchemy, esoteric science, esoteric psychology and cosmogenesis. Master Del Pe likes to be known as the one who trains disciples to 'master life ahead of its time'. 

John Gage




John B. Gage served as Vice President and Chief Researcher of Sun MicroSystems where he is credited with creating the phrase: ‘The network is the computer.’ For twelve years Gage hosted the annual JavaOne conference, bringing 20,000 Java programmers to San Francisco and establishing the Java language as the basis of the Android operating system. He is also best known as one of the co-founders of NetDay in 1995, a crowd-sourced effort to bring the Internet to every school in the world. 

As his passion, Gage has been championing green technologies for sustainable solutions to global warming. In 2012, he joined the Human Needs Project to build a networked water source and water treatment plant in Africa’s largest slum - the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. He has served on scientific advisory panels for the US National Research Council, the US National Academy of Sciences, the United Nations, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum among others. He is on the boards of the Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation, the Human Needs Project and Relief International, an international humanitarian disaster relief organization.

Frederick Marx



Frederick Marx has lived his life mission as a socially dedicated film artist for 35 years.  He is an internationally acclaimed Oscar and Emmy nominated producer/director. He was named a Chicago Tribune Artist of the Year, a Guggenheim Fellow, and a recipient of the Robert F. Kennedy Special Achievement Award. His film HOOP DREAMS won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival and Utne Reader named it in 150 of humanity’s “essential works.” The Library of Congress recently added it to its prestigious National Film Registry, and the International Documentary Association named it the Best Documentary Ever. His most recent film JOURNEY FROM ZANSKAR (2010) - featuring the Dalai Lama, with narration by Richard Gere - is now in worldwide release.

Having dedicated his life to the making and promotion of independent films, Marx, a true maverick in the increasingly commercialized world of “independent cinema,” continues to provide a voice of artistic and social integrity. He repeatedly returns to work with disadvantaged and misunderstood communities: people of color, abused children, the working poor, welfare recipients, prisoners, the elderly and “at risk” youth. As his mission statement indicates (“Bearing witness, creating change”), his is a voice strong and clear, and profoundly human.

Marivic Villa



Marivic Villa, M.D., is the visionary founder of Villa Health Center, as well as the Genesis Heart Med Spa, which together constitute a full-service medical clinic where she and her team of medical experts are dedicated to holistically treating each patient in accordance with the highest standards of professional excellence across a range of standard, specialty-care and aesthetic treatments. An interdisciplinary practitioner herself, Dr. Villa is considered by many as a super-doctor because of her multiple specializations: Age-Management and Anti-Aging Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Functional Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Medicine. Her intuitive ability to diagnose and profile her patients with excellent results stretches beyond the normal.

A native of the Philippines, she brings many of her traditional “ethnic” holistic protocols to her patients to include the three spheres of health: Physical, Emotional/Mental, and Spiritual. Through her innovative medical practice, combining the wisdom of the most ancient traditions with the latest advances in medical science and technology, she has been instrumental in assisting her patients in regaining and retaining their health, vitality and youthful appearance. Dr. Villa practices exclusively in The Villages, Florida, however, her experience in the anti-aging field is widely sought after. Dr Villa will be co-presenting on the “Higher Science of Longevity” with Master Del Pe, founder of ICHC. 

Mamadou Toure




Mamadou Toure is the Founder and Chairman of Africa 2.0 Foundation, an initiative-driven advocacy group that brings together emerging leaders representing African countries and the diaspora, who share a common vision of the continent’s future. Through Africa 2.0, he has mobilized 2500+ African leaders and 36 Heads of States, reached over 8000 entrepreneurs and provided mentoring for 1000+ top leaders through 34 chapters and 18 champion task forces. 

Toure is also the Chairman and CEO of Ubuntu Capital, a leading investment and advisory firm focused on designing and implementing integrated innovative investment solutions for uplifting projects and ecosystems. He led investments in 26 African countries with a combined value exceeding $30 billion USD. He was previously Managing Director with GE Africa followed by his rich experience at the IFC (International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group).

Toure was ranked among the top 100 most influential people in Africa in 2012 by New African Business Magazine. In 2013, BRICS Business Magazine identified him among to 25 Faces of the New Africa. In addition, in 2014, Toure was considered by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 10 Most Powerful Men in Africa. In 2015 in Davos, he received a distinction as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. 

Diana Nunez




Diana Nunez is a highly awarded advertising creative director who has worked for over 200 of the biggest global brands, such as Unilever, Nestlé, Kraft, Beiersdorf, Sab Miller and Claro Mobile Communications. Nunez has more than 30 awards given in the media field under her belt, with special appreciation for creating meaningful and worthy campaigns. She has been the creative General Director of various top international agencies such as FCB, McCann Erickson and Lowe in her career spanning more than 2 decades. 

After reaching great heights of professional success, Diana expressed deep regret upon seeing how much money was being spent in the marketing, advertising and public relations industries without creating a higher value for society. Inspired by a holistic formation that started with Master Del Pe, Nunez discovered a new path when she saw that brands and their companies could invest in new messages that inspire society, and that this could represent real and clean ROI. Today she has returned to her country Perú and gives branding consultancy to several prominent brands, including the country’s national tourism brand PERÚ. She is also teaching Strategic Planning at the Peruvian University of Sciences, UPC, in Lima - Perú, showing her students that they have chosen a profession where they have the power to inspire change and make a difference for our planet. 


Moni Platt



Moni Platt provides healing solutions when no others can. She is a medical intuitive, personally mentored by Master Del Pe, who can x-ray the body, organs and health conditions using her psychic power techniques. Known for delivering unbelievable results in cases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, cirrhosis, lupus and suicidal tendencies, Platt is a certified senior specialist for life-threatening diseases under the BEalive program, where she uses a no-touch energy healing strategy to heal the 5 levels of health (physical, vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Platt served as lead healer for the rehabilitation of drug users and pushers under the MDP Foundation’s cleanLIFE project, where the breakthrough results of healing multi-addictions without suffering through withdrawal symptoms was proven by the Philippine Department of Health’s accredited blood tests, supervised by the Department of Social Welfare and Development, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bauko and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency. Platt was also an active member of the 2008-09 international HIV/AIDS healing research team under the MDP Foundation where the efficacy of the BEwell Science healing modality was proven with the drastic reduction of viral loads for Soweto’s orphaned children in Johannesburg, South Africa. Having lived on 4 continents and served a spectrum from the destitute to the billionaires, she is one of the most sought-after healers internationally.

Anne Martine Kappel



As executive coach, lead trainer, and advisor, she is a specialist in implementing personal and organizational transformation through Living Conscious Leadership. Her recent community project, “Kick out Poverty by Elevating your Consciousness” in Kenya reached 10,000 farmers with improved household income, family health and children’s education. Presently, she is leading MDP Foundation’s pioneering program, Compassion Fatigue SolutionsTM, for empowering the social servers to have high impact service without burnout. 

A Chartered Accountant (CPA) by academic background, Kappel offers a unique bouquet of expertise. She is a Master NLP Practitioner, a certified coach by the Global Association of Applied Neuro Synergy (GAANS) and a facilitator for the American Institute for Leadership Advancement (AILA). She is a member of NordCham Philippines, associate member of the African Youth Union Commission and mentor for “A Tribe Called Women”. She has worked as an auditor, lecturer, HRM and also a Principal of a Business College. She was a diplomat (CFO) for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and personal advisor to presidential candidate, Paulo Gomes (Executive Director the World Bank). Her clients include Forbes Listed CEO’s, YPO’s, Congress of Women, first ladies, beauty pageants, start-ups, financial sector, educational institutions, ICT, food processing and agribusiness among others. 




Paul Kronenberg is a highly acclaimed ‘social change engineer’ with extensive experience of working in 4 continents – Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. He is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Braille Without Borders in Tibet and kanthari International Institute for Social Change in India. Paul is a fervent eco-friendly and cost effective ‘open hardware’ technology and architecture fan. His background in mechanical engineering, computer science, commercial technology and data communications has helped him to look for technological answers to build a better tomorrow.

Paul has received several international recognitions for his work: he has been knighted by the Queen of Holland, has received the Mother Teresa Award, the National Fundraising Award in Berlin and the Bronzen Peelhaas Dutch award for development work. He has also been awarded by the Goethe Association and the Europe School in Germany. As a keynote speaker at several management, leadership, business and technological fora, including Wharton and McKinsey Universities, he has mirrored the true shape of the world and reflected on what must be done differently.

Toni Francis



For 17 years, Dr. Toni Francis has been the premier Energy Medicine specialist and the most senior trainer of Energy Medicine across Europe, providing breakthrough, fast solutions to the challenges which have baffled the healthcare industry for years. After being sought to practice medicine in more than 120 establishments, Dr. Francis took up the mantle to spearhead solutions for HIV/AIDS following his training in South Africa, Mozambique and Congo with the MDP Foundation’s HIV/AIDS Research Project (HARP). 

Dr. Francis has tenaciously pursued to find solutions for healthcare challenges which are not being solved by modern medicine. Alarmed by the growing epidemic of depression, anxiety, burnout and sleep issues in Europe, he also uses BEwell Science techniques to heal these conditions with lasting results and no side-effects. Dr. Francis additionally specializes on healing pain (acute or chronic) and its origins. With multi-specializations, he is a doctor-cum-super-healer who has set out to transform the healthcare paradigm with near-miraculous results. Dr. Francis will sit on the “Social Ills and Unresolved Health Challenges” panel.



Jennifer Viloria has been the tip of the arrow in bringing impact investments focused on improving rural livelihood from her home-base in London to Africa, Europe and South-East Asia. In her enriching career, Viloria graduated from managing large capital for hotels-chains and global corporations, and moved to use her expertise for empowering sustainable livelihood and socially beneficial projects. Not only has she been an ‘impact angel’ to multiple award-winning ventures (Best Social Enterprise 2015, Olympia Awards 2017 etc.), she also invests her wisdom and mentoring to nurture these initiatives until they strengthen and mature. 

Her company IISLA Ventures facilitates investments for tourism in rural destinations and her travel platform, Inspired Ventures connects adventurous travelers to remote locations where they can fund and participate in socially beneficial projects. Under her stewardship, Inspired Ventures became a B-Corp, being recognized as a force for good. Viloria also provides pro-bono consulting, mentoring and volunteering to a bouquet of initiatives such as Worldchefs’ Food Sustainability Programme, Feed the Planet, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, GK Enchanted Farm (GKEF), GK Social Business Summit and In-Visible NGO. Her investment philosophy is “to alleviate the poverty in the countryside, by elevating the potential of the change-makers.” She will sit on the panel of “Socio-Economic, Political and Corporate Consciousness.”

Jen Viloria



Dr. Alessadra Zambelli, affectionately known as Alee Bell by her numerous students and clients across Europe, is an Italian educationist focused on pioneering solutions through energy management for the unresolved challenges of the European education system. She is a renowned advocate, trainer and expert on ‘BEtrouble free’, a BIHC specialization on keeping children and youth out of trouble. Dr. Zambelli provides a ray of hope and fast results for ADD/ADHD, bullying, juvenile delinquency and learning disorders. She is the co-founder and managing director of Aquarian Trinity Solutions, which operates in Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and Scandinavia. She is a unique voice in the European education arena, as she believes in immersive learnings and has herself travelled to various destinations for learning world cultures, world religions and world philosophies through the BIHC Global Consciousness Education programs.

Certified and trained in esoteric psychology, she also coaches and guides women leaders through crisis management as well as life-balancing strategies. She is highly qualified in providing healing solutions for women’s issues such as menopause, anxiety, burnout and a variety of hormonal issues. She preaches her family gospel -“Enlighten the parents, then you enlighten the family.” She will sit as a panelist on the theme of ‘The New Education for the New Generation’. 


Alessandra Zambelli
Alfredo Pascual



Alfredo E. Pascual currently serves as the CEO for the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), which is the accredited training provider of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and other government agencies. He was the 20th President of the University of the Philippines, the premier academic institution of the country. He was also the convener of the Automated Election System (AES) Watch, an independent, multi-sector coalition that monitored and assessed the Philippines’ first ever nationwide poll automation in May 2010. 

In the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Pascual served as the director of its Private Sector Infrastructure Finance Division and Capital Markets & Finance Sectors Division. Dr. Pascual is a Trustee of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and chairperson of the University of the Philippines Foundation and the U.P. Provident Fund, among others. He is a member of the Management Association of the Philippines, the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX), and the President Elect of the Rotary Club of Makati.



Dr Alfonso Lagaya is known in the health arena as the bridge between allopathic and oriental medicine. The founding Director General of the Department of Health’s Philippine Institute on Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC), he has been a champion of various alternative and holistic modalities. Aside from his medical practice, he specializes in Acupuncture and is currently the Vice President of the Philippine Academy of Acupuncture. He has been an expert consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO) for 5 countries over 10 years. 

He spreads his wholesome approach to health consciousness through many international speaking engagements across Asia and Europe, as well as through his professorship in 5 reputed universities in the Philippines and USA, including the University of Philippines and the American Academy of Family Medicine. An avid practitioner of meditation, yoga and spiritual sciences, Dr. Lagaya’s approach to health care is enriched by his spiritual journey towards meaningful service, as reflected in his charitable works in the capacity of Director of Humanitarian Services of Rotary International, Manila.

Alfonso Lagaya
Rega Stellar



Rega Stellar is a world-class Seer and Business Intuitive Forecaster most popular for her ability to use her Third Eye to see the past and the future. She has been extensively monitoring the scientific forecast of the Earth Changes while validating these with her psychic predictions and paranormal observations. She will report these findings about the incoming planetary shifts, which will trigger the emergence of the new humanity, on the second day of the convention. Rega Stellar was born with the gift of inner sight and also brought with her incarnation deep wisdom that she claimed had been transferred from her previous lives. She was personally trained and spiritually initiated by Master Del Pe who appointed her as the senior trainer for the advanced spiritual disciples from around the world. Her education in International Relations and Global Economy from the United States coupled with her formal training under BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC), where she specializes in World Philosophies, Esoteric Psychology and Esoteric Cosmogenesis, prepared her to manage the international programs of Master Del Pe’s organizations, especially the World Wisdom Bank and World Talent Share. 

Aside from her main role as Chief Editor of Master Del Pe’s books, she also specializes in guiding couples to conceive children with more advance soul development using special energy healing techniques and sexual-alchemy practices. She co-founded the MDP Village and serves as the managing director.




The lady behind the legendary Ilog Maria Honey-bee farms in the Philippines, her ingenuity translates into one of the best natural and unadulterated product lines in Asia. Not only is Violaine an apiary magician and president of the Ilog Maria personal care and well-being products, she creates and alchemizes all the bee-based products herself and believes in the gift of healing through nature. Violaine started her journey as an entrepreneur at a young age and today enjoys guiding her children to run this legendary family business, which propagates wellness and a natural lifestyle as exemplified by their farm life.


A co-founder of MDP Village, Violaine is a spiritual philanthropist and one among the few in her lane. She brings her benefaction not only for alleviation of sufferings but for the enlightenment of the ready change-makers who can catapult her generosity into enlightened paths of service. She also sits on the Board of the MDP Foundation and is a senior advisor for the Elderly Empowerment Project and World TalentShare.

Violaine Magsaysay



Angelica Umali is a believer of practicing “Enlightened Leadership” by combining self-mastery practices with sound business knowledge.  She has a proven track record in the corporate world, of growing businesses and brands, and bringing out the best in teams amidst a challenging business context, as well as having multi-cultural dimensions. Her corporate multinational experience extended for 18 years, with assignments in 4 countries in 3 continents (Philippines, Thailand, Switzerland & the Middle East), and responsibilities spanning to over 30 countries.  She is both a Generalist and a Specialist in the fields of General Management, Strategic Business Planning & Branding, Brand Management and Sales.  She left the corporate world a few years back and explored her spiritual path full-time.  This quotation (from Albert Einstein) -- "You cannot solve the world's problems with the same thinking that created them" -- was all she latched on while embracing the unknown. Now, having understood what that meant, she has incorporated purpose into her Strategic Business and Branding Projects as a Consultant, which have catapulted her client's own life's transitions, contributing to their wholeness. She is also a soon-to-be-Social Entrepreneur.  Her newfound purpose is to transform consciousness thru business, and make a positive contribution to humanity in this area.  

Angelica Umali



Sunee Kay is a philanthropist who supports projects on social transformation by healing vices, laziness, violence and non-medical responder diseases. She has over 25 years’ experience in managing foreign aid projects in South East Asia, particularly along education and health lines that were founded by the British Council, The World Bank, European Union, USAID and DFID. Graduate of marketing and management in the UK, she had been contracted by the British Government to create and promote the brand of the British education in India. Through ‘Concern for Calcutta’, she orchestrated an award-winning campaign to clean up and sanitize the city of Calcutta, India. She has also delved in to empower women and support mentally challenged individuals through her SK Foundation. Kay sat on the board of several non-profit NGOs including the MDP Foundation, USA. She is a Senior Certified Trainer of BIHC and administers its online training-programs internationally, specializing in meditation and healing techniques for students, parents and educators. She will sit on the panel of “The New Education for the New Generation.”

Sunee Kay
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